Digital Transformation in our Learning Methods

The world does not run on pamphlet and paper posters today. We are rapidly going through a phase of digital transformation now and education which was once all paper and pen is now going digital since physical meetups are not possible now due to Covid. But the school has strived hard to reach students and parents online and left no stone unturned to make the learning as good and even better in this new normal. This was not an easy job as the students need to be skilled to use the current technologies and the internet as well as the educators need to be upskilled andadapted to learn these things.But as it is visible through our work, we have subdued coronavirus’ impact on the learning and have made the learning and activities same if not better than before. This is also equally necessary because, the phase we are going through now, is all set to change the way students learn and get educated. Activities of all kind for the junior and senior classes are being organised in the online mode in order to ensure the all-round development of our children, the YouTube channel started by the school to facilitate confidence and speaking skills among the students has turned out pretty successful. And we hope to continue the same and come up with more innovative solutions to ensure that the children get the best even in these turbulent times.

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