Science comes alive in the lab. It is almost impossible to fully understand the subject of science without the concept of show and tell. Laboratory experiments make students more curious and intrigued by the subject.

Laboratories help students understand specific theories and facts in science. Through laboratory experiences, a student can begin questioning certain scientific concepts. They can go ahead and come up with experiments that support their arguments, which can lead to new scientific discoveries.

Our school has four laboratories.
● Biology lab ● Chemistry lab ● Physics lab ● Computer lab ● Maths lab


The school provides a perfect ambient place for the students to study in the form of spacious, well lit and equipped classrooms. 

  • The classrooms are neat, clean, spacious and well furnished with proper ventilation providing unique atmosphere for students to concentrate in their studies. 

  • Specially designed, modern, ergonomic and attractive furniture is provided in the classrooms.

  • Smart classes are run in the school.

School Library

The school library is the central point for all kinds of reading, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking and lively discussions.

The school library sparks curiosity, innovation and problem-solving ability in the students.

The vast collection of books and periodical subscriptions at our library help maintain the child's interest in supplementary knowledge and reference work.The library has also has books on all categories ranging from fiction to biographies to books on motivation and will power to self help and Personality Development books. 

CCTV and Surveillance

The security of the students is a top concern at our institution. The school has a wide array of CCTV cameras and Surveillance systems to monitor the students.

  • The CCTV Surveillance Centre monitors the activities and movements on campus round-the-clock.

  • Trained and watchful security guards are placed across the campus

  • Regular fire and emergency drills are conducted to make the students ready for any kind of emergency. 

Bus Facility

The school has its own bus facility that covers Lalkuan, Bindukhatta, Motinagar, JaipurBisa, Motahaldu, Dungarpur, D-class, Gomti and few other areas. 

  • Drivers and bus staff are selected after a thorough reference check and verification process.

  • School buses have GPS system for online tracking.

  • No school bus will be over crowded. All safety norms are followed.

Sports and Games

The school lays much emphasis on sports as it helps increase confidence, mental alertness, and self-esteem apart from keeping our body fit and healthy. It teaches various skills to students like leadership, patience, team efforts, and other social skills as well.

The school conducts Sports Day in order to foster these important traits in the children.

Indoor facilities include chess, carrom and table tennis. Outdoor facilities include Basketball, Volleyball, kho-kho, Badminton, etc.