The School follows curriculum in strict accordance with CBSE, New Delhi.

Pre Primary and Primary Classes

  • All the learning takes place in a fun and enjoyable way, where the children learn through playful activities & value based learning is emphasised.

  • Importance of values are kept in mind while preparing and designing the lessons.

  • Day begins with the morning assembly – where prayers, rhymes, exercises and celebration of special days is conducted.

  • The story time at the end of the day has a moral for each story that is told.

  • The students are graded regularly on the basis of participation and performance in class activities.

  • Evaluation is done on the basis of individual growth and development of the child

Senior and Senior Secondary Classes

  • The branches introduced in class 11th are PCM, PCB and commerce.

  • Technology is extensively used in the day to day teaching in the classrooms.

  • The theoretical knowledge gained in class is also put into use in the practical labs.

  • The students are also provided with vocational courses to upskill them for the future.

  • The promotion of students to the next class is strictly based on weightage allowed by CBSE.

  • The medium of instruction in class is English.

  • Periodic progress report is sent to the parents throughout the year.

Aims and Objectives

  • Overall development of the child in scholastic and non-scholastic areas

  • Character building in Children

  • Value Based Education

  • Practical Learning

  • Development of sense of Responsibility and Concern

  • Discipline and moral values in life

  • General awareness team spirit and mutual respect.

  • Proper skill training through vocational learning to make them ready to take up challenges in life.