Alumni Corner 

Words by Kaushal Pargai...

Leaving behind the school where I had spent over 10 years. The years which on passing by, progressively made me more attached to this beautiful building.

Leaving the building which we usually called as, “not just school but our school” after passing our 10th grade was not really acceptable to me.  But the circumstances were not in our favour as at that time our school was not affiliated to Senior Secondary level and we had to leave as to pursue our further studies.

But now, for you guys the problem is solved, not only the school had got its senior secondary certificate but also a lot more modifications have been made, more floors have been added , more facilities are there and lot more other things.

For you guys, it’s the wonderful chance which we never had.  From my previous experience the teachers here are very practical, friendly and their way of teaching is just awesome. Not just you guys will be blessed with them but you will also be benefited with the extra-curricular activities that really helped us a lot to boost our confidence, enhance our creativity and much more. 

Today, whenever I come across my previous school, during talk with friends we really miss those days and the feeling of nostalgia is perennial. At last I just wanna say that,

” you really are very lucky that you will complete your senior secondary education from here”.    We Really Miss... 😔

Words by Isha Kavidyal...

Success is not just how far you have gone but what made you go so far....

I had spent my 10 years in this school and every memory of it is like a feather to me and brings a smile on my face every time I remember it. Far away  from the hustles and bustles of the city, the school provided me the best environment for studies  so that I could focus without any disturbance. I have a strong connection and bond with school and even today it is like a second home to me. When I was studying in class 10 there were times when I got frustrated back then and the only source of comfort was my teachers they made made every effort to make us comfortable and cleared all our doubts and motivated us to achieve more. I have a huge respect and admiration for all of them. 

Presently we are all going through a very tough time because of coronavirus, everyone is suffering from problems but we have to  fight  in this  situation.  Always remember that your success is all up to you . It not something which you can gain in one night you have sacrifice many nights for it . One thing that I would want to tell all the students is remember that winners are not who never lose but those who never quit.

Give yourself a fresh start apart from the things going around you just focus on you goals.

Thank you